We Toured The United State’s Strongest Pier Hosting Offshore Wind Projects

The Future Of Offshore Wind In Connecticut

Ulysses B. Hammond, Executive Director of the Connecticut Port Authority

On Friday, December 17, 2023, we toured the New London State Pier in support of offshore wind in our state, here’s what we learned.

After recent infrastructure investments into the New London State Pier, Connecticut now officially hosts the United State’s strongest pier with the largest load capacity.

Why is this important to environmental justice and green job advocates?

A strong infrastructure helps our state advance its green energy goals and gives New London an advantage when it comes to offshore wind development in our region. 

Moving wind and installing turbines is no small feat. Turbine blades can be as long as a football field with offshore wind turbines weighing upwards of 200 tons or 400,000 pounds each. New London’s strategic location and strong load bearing capacity make it the ideal location for offshore wind developers. 

What does this mean for Connecticut residents and workers?

If our state continues to invest in a green workforce and takes the lead on offshore wind, it would mean more jobs for our workers and more economic development for our state. 

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