Protecting the climate requires an aggressive transition from an economy dependent on fossil fuels to one that embraces clean energy.

The Connecticut Roundtable on Climate and Jobs engages in collective action to win substantive policy changes that both protect the climate and create good local jobs.

Ensuring that this economic transition addresses historical, systemic inequities by protecting the livelihoods of working people and extending new job opportunities to all communities will require sustained effort. We must engage an ever-widening circle of allies willing to fight for policies that lead to a more just and vibrant society. This includes offering membership to anyone who wishes to help advance our work.

CRCJ members at all levels also have exclusive access to the new CRCJ listserv where they can share resources, promote climate justice and just transition-related events, solicit ideas, and network with one another.


Please join us in our mission!


Benefits of Membership

Environmental justice advocacy experience

Access to climate action activism opportunities

Legislative alerts and policy updates

Professional networking opportunities

Community building and support

Access to exclusive member-only workshops and events

Legislative support for efforts that benefit a green economy

Tax-deductible donations

Membership giveaways and promotions


Join the Roundtable
As CRCJ continues to advocate for climate justice and good paying jobs, we are interested in learning how our missions overlap. Please fill out the form below and we will follow up with you within one business week.


If you are not able to pay by credit card, please send a check to CRCJ, P.O. Box 232, Clinton, CT 06413. Your membership will be complete upon receipt of the check.