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Join The Table, Make A Difference

Connecticut Roundtable members and donors help support the creation of good-paying green jobs, fair and accountable environmental justice policy, and climate action in our state. 

Our members, partners, and donors each play an essential role in promoting climate action in our state. By joining and donating to the CRCJ, you become an environmental justice advocate and ally. Your support and contributions enable us to continue to engage in collective action and win substantive policy changes that protect the climate, put communities first, and create good-paying green jobs. When you join the Roundtable, you join the fight for a just transition in support of:

– Environmental justice legislation 

– Safe, healthy & energy efficient schools

– Climate action and education in our school systems

– Quality green job creation with living wages

– Fair and accountable labor standards for project developers

– Green energy projects that prioritize students, local residents, and workers

– Job training and apprenticeships for low-income workers

– Clean transportation and equitable access for all

– Racial, housing, and social justice

– Community-centered coalition building 

Join the Mission

Membership made easy. 

Simply make a one-time donation to grab your seat at the table and start making a difference today. Individual membership donations start at $25. 
All donations are 100% tax deductible. 

If you are not able to pay by credit card, please send a check to CRCJ, P.O. Box 232, Clinton, CT 06413. Your membership will be complete upon receipt of the check.