The 2024 Connecticut General Assembly Legislative Session Has Officially Commenced

8 Ways To Get Involved This Legislative Session

The Connecticut General Assembly is officially in session. This short legislative session from February 7, 2024 – May 8, 2024 means the time is now to get to know your representatives, stay tuned for swift climate action opportunities, and to show support for fair and equitable environmental justice policy in our state. 

1. Attend Committee Hearings and Public Hearings:

Monitor the legislative calendar for committee hearings and public hearings relevant to issues of interest. Attend these hearings to observe the legislative process and provide testimony on proposed bills.

2. Contact Your Legislators:

Identify and contact your state senator and representative to express your views on specific bills or issues. Write letters, emails, or make phone calls to share your perspective and advocate for your positions.

3. Participate in Town Hall Meetings:

Attend town hall meetings hosted by your legislators to discuss local and state issues. Use these opportunities to engage directly with elected officials and voice your concerns.

 4. Join Advocacy Groups and Organizations:

Connect with advocacy groups and organizations that align with your interests and values like the Connecticut Roundtable On Climate And Jobs. Participate in advocacy campaigns, sign petitions, and collaborate with like-minded individuals to amplify your voice.

5. Monitor Legislative Updates:

Stay informed about legislative developments by subscribing to legislative newsletters, following updates on social media, or accessing resources provided by the General Assembly.

6. Attend Legislative Sessions:

Attend sessions of the Connecticut General Assembly to observe debates and vote on proposed bills. Witness the legislative process in action and gain a deeper understanding of how laws are made.

7. Submit Written Testimony:

Submit written testimony on proposed bills to committees considering the legislation. Follow guidelines for submitting testimony, including deadlines and formatting requirements.

8. Educate and Mobilize Others:

Educate friends, family members, and community members about important legislative issues. Mobilize support for causes you care about by encouraging others to take action, such as contacting legislators or attending hearings.

Author: sydney