Let’s Talk Connecticut’s Green Monster AKA The 2024 Climate Omnibus Bill

Join the Connecticut Roundtable On Climate And Jobs alongside local representatives and elected officials on Monday, February 26, 2024, for a virtual breakfast gathering. This virtual webinar will discuss The 2024 ‘Green Monster‘ as well as the Inflation Reduction Act featuring comments from Representative Christine PalmCongressman Joe Courtney, and more.

Join the discussion with our elected officials, non-profits, and community leaders to see how this proposed 2024 legislation impacts environmental justice in our state. Learn more about the 2024 Connecticut Climate Protection Act and how your organization can take advantage of the IRA. 

The discussion will take place via Zoom on February 26, 2024, at 10:00 am and will provide an opportunity for local legislators, environmental justice organizations, businesses, and community leaders to unpack the Climate Omnibus bill and learn more about how the IRA can support their legislative goals for 2024.

Goals Of The Green Monster Include:

Climate Crisis Declaration.

Global Warming Solutions Act.

State-wide Carbon Accounting database from all emission sources, costs and sequestration.

Update Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS).

Transition away from fossil fuels.

Data Transparency (required reporting for true cost and sources of electrical energy by energy suppliers).

Clean Jobs and Business Sector.

Solar Energy.

Building Electrification.

Increase funding for energy efficiency programs, and prioritize  equitable efficiency services to low-income communities.

Clean and Healthy Carbon-Free Schools.

Encourage and Support Nature Based Solutions

We encourage you to register now and share this event with your network. We look forward to an engaging and insightful conversation.

Author: sydney