CJNRC Warns Against Misinformation On Offshore Wind and Marine Life  

Despite the overwhelming scientific evidence supporting the reality of climate change, there are still individuals who deny its existence or downplay its severity. Many climate deniers and clean energy opponents often use misinformation tactics and political campaigns to further anti-climate justice agendas and mislead the general public. The Climate Jobs National Resources warns the public against misinformation on offshore wind development and marine life in a recent public service announcement shared below.

In the most recent climate news, Ørsted’s protected species observer spotted a deceased whale beyond the South Fork Offshore Wind construction area. Clean energy opponents have used images from this to further their disinformation campaign against offshore wind development.

The CJNRC shares their Offshore Wind and Whales Message Guidance along with talking points from the National Resources Defense Council in case environmental justice organizations and offshore wind supporters get any questions about this incident in particular or whales more generally. The talking points provide detailed facts about the South Fork project and its safety precautions. 

The scientific evidence points to climate change, net entanglements, and vessel strikes as the likely cause of whale deaths. However, facts are not as compelling or viral as videos and photos. This is an important opportunity to tell stories about labor leading on climate action and offshore wind. Workers are the number one trusted messenger when it comes to talking about clean energy.

This is a moment that highlights the urgency of taking action on the climate crisis and why we must ensure strong labor standards as we build clean energy to power our future.

Shared by CJNRC 9/14/2023.

Author: sydney

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