We Marched, Now What?

Together, We Made History!

The Connecticut Roundtable on Climate and Jobs joined fellow environmental justice activists in the historic March to #EndFossilFuels and the Wave of Action for #ClimateShutdown! Together, we did something very powerful, we brought demands to #EndFossilFuels to the forefront of our movement and built unprecedented pressure on President Biden to act. The Connecticut Roundtable On Climate And Jobs is proud to share the success of the March to End Fossil Fuels.

Highlights From The Sept. 17 Fossil March Mobilization:

We brought our demands to #EndFossilFuels to the front page of the New York Times and dozens of other major media outlets around the world. We gathered 75,000 people strong in “hubs” of all shapes and sizes, from New York grassroots organizations; Black, People of Color, Indigenous and frontline communities living next to oil and gas facilities and infrastructure; youth, elders, workers, people of faith, and people of all backgrounds impacted by fossil fuels and climate disasters across the U.S.; and global communities fighting for climate justice. And through a cascade of direct actions, hundreds of people took part in civil disobedience and risked arrest calling for action to #EndFossilFuels. 

So We Marched, What’s Next?

Sign and blast out the petition to demand Biden to:

STOP FEDERAL APPROVALS for new fossil fuel projects and REPEAL permits for climate bombs like the Willow Project.

PHASE OUT fossil fuel drilling on our public lands and waters.

DECLARE A CLIMATE EMERGENCY to halt fossil fuel exports and investments abroad, and turbo-charge the build-out of more just, resilient distributed energy (like rooftop and community solar.

PROVIDE A JUST TRANSITION to a renewable energy future* that generates millions of jobs while supporting workers’ and community rights, job security, and employment equity.

Author: sydney