Message from the Director: February 2019

Over the past year, CRCJ has worked with allies to build broad support for an offshore wind mandate of at least 2000 MW by 2030.  An aggressive long-term commitment will not only help meet the state’s ambitious climate and clean energy goals, but also demonstrate that Connecticut is serious about becoming a hub for the emerging regional industry.  Now is the critical period when developers are making investment decisions that will shape the industry for decades.

Last week, we publicly challenged the Lamont administration to support legislation that would establish such a mandate, and many of you responded by calling and emailing the Governor’s office.  Legislators from both political parties have stepped up to endorse the call for 2000 MW, and the Energy and Technology Committee will hold a public hearing on February 26th. It would be unfortunate if the administration were the primary voice opposing an aggressive mandate.

The other two important aspects of offshore wind legislation that we are pursuing are (1) labor and wage provisions that will ensure high-quality local jobs, and (2) environmental protections that will mitigate negative impacts on marine life, birds and ecosystems.

With your active support and our growing coalition of allies, we’re confident that we’ll win a strong offshore wind policy for CT.

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Aisha K. Staggers
Author: Aisha K. Staggers

Provider of "proactive and strategic communications" with a solid background in print and digital journalism. Communications Director of Connecticut Roundtable on Climate and Jobs.