Celebrating Progress: Updates from the 2024 Legislative Session

Dear Connecticut Residents and Advocates,

As we bid farewell to the 2024 legislative session, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering advocacy and support. Today, amidst both triumphs and challenges, we celebrate the strides made in advancing environmental justice, thanks to our collective efforts.

While HB 5004, “An Act Concerning The Implementation of Certain Climate Change Measures,” did not secure passage, its spirit of environmental stewardship endured throughout our endeavors. Despite encountering formidable obstacles, this bill unfortunately did not receive a vote in the Senate.

However, amidst these setbacks, we are thrilled to announce a significant victory for renewable energy in our state. The passage of HB 5232, “An Act Concerning Solar Projects Throughout the State,” marks a pivotal moment in our journey towards a sustainable future. This comprehensive legislation encompasses a range of measures aimed at fostering the widespread adoption of solar energy and streamlining processes for municipalities. Notable highlights of HB 5232 include directives for the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) and the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) to study and implement potential solar-related programs. Additionally, the legislation mandates municipalities to simplify the approval process for solar canopy installations, further bolstering our state’s renewable energy infrastructure.

In another significant development, HB 5052, “An Act Supporting Solar Energy in Schools,” secured passage as part of the bonding bill HB 5524. This landmark legislation incentivizes the installation of solar energy systems in public schools, offering opportunities for both cost savings and environmental benefits. HB 5524, in its entirety, addresses a diverse array of issues, including climate resiliency planning and funding for projects aimed at enhancing energy efficiency and infrastructure. While it may not encompass all aspects of SB 11, HB 5524 lays a sturdy foundation for critical initiatives aimed at fortifying our state against the impacts of climate change.

Although some measures fell short of our aspirations, it is imperative to acknowledge the progress achieved and the possibilities that lie ahead. Your steadfast engagement and advocacy have been instrumental in shaping these outcomes, underscoring the power of collective action in effecting positive change for our state and our environment.

As we reflect on the successes and challenges of this legislative session, we urge you to continue participating in the democratic process and advocating for policies that safeguard our planet and communities.

Thank you for your unwavering support and dedication to building a more sustainable future for all.

In solidarity,

Your Friends At The Connecticut Roundtable On Climate And Jobs

Author: sydney