CRCJ Policy Director, Allison Pilcher Advocates for Climate Action with Save The Sound

The Connecticut Roundtable on Climate and Jobs got a chance to sit down with community partner, Save the Sound.

Allison Pilcher, 26, is a policy director for the Connecticut Roundtable on Climate and Jobs (CRCJ). After studying sociology and environmental studies at St. Lawrence University in New York, she received a Master’s of Environmental Law and Policy, and now works to advance progressive climate and energy legislation in Connecticut.

Growing up in Vermont, Pilcher had always had an interest in climate change, particularly how it affects individuals. She discovered her passion for environmental sociology, enabling her to better understand environmental inequities at a global level. On her college career, she said, “Studying sociology broadened my understanding of different injustices, and specifically, the way they interact on a global scale. What we do in the United States is affecting island countries in the Pacific.” It was also during her undergraduate career that she gained knowledge of firsthand accounts of climate change, including in her own college community. St. Lawrence University is situated in the Adirondack Region, which has seen significant acid rain damage and new invasive species.

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