Connecticut’s Proposed Emissions Standards for Cars and Trucks

Connecticut is proposing the  adoption of updated emissions standards for light-duty passenger vehicles (cars), and new emissions standards for medium and heavy-duty vehicles (trucks). 

These standards will make new cars and trucks up to 90% cleaner and will require vehicle manufacturers to deliver more zero-emission vehicles and other advanced technology vehicles like plug-in hybrids to Connecticut drivers while also increasing consumer protections. Beginning in 2027, the proposed standards apply to new vehicles only, not to used cars, and do not prohibit owning diesel or gas-powered vehicles.


Adoption of these standards will greatly benefit Connecticut residents from both a health and economic standpoint. Improved emissions standards for vehicles will improve our air quality, which is currently among the worst in the United States, and will lower healthcare costs due to respiratory and other illnesses.  deneme bonusu veren siteler

Fewer pollutants in the air will help Connecticut meet federal health-based standards for smog, which we currently fail to do, and that noncompliance is costing Connecticut businesses money because federal law requires increased permitting and other additional measures for areas designated as in “nonattainment”. 

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