Voluntary Carbon Tax Witness Group

The Voluntary Carbon Tax Witness group consists of twelve members of the Hartford Friends Meeting who have joined with other Quakers in New England in this witness, as one way to address the urgency of climate change. Since January 2014, group members have been tracking their fossil fuel use (from activities such as driving, heating, air transportation, and electricity use) and pledging a self-imposed tax, which is collected quarterly and donated to an organization working on issues related to climate change. Each individual decides how much to pledge, and the pledge is confidential. But the witness is public. According to the minute of support approved by Hartford Friends Meeting:

We are doing it as a witness in support of legislation implementing a carbon tax. Additionally, the voluntary carbon tax is a way for participants to become more aware of their own personal choices regarding carbon usage and to financially support others who are working on climate change.

Aisha K. Staggers
Author: Aisha K. Staggers

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