Unitarian Society of Hartford – Green Sanctuary

The Unitarian Society of Hartford (USH) is a liberal religious congregation of over 200 members in Hartford active since 1834. Green Sanctuary is part of the USH Social Justice Council. It exists to help our congregation live in harmony and create a healthier world environment by spearheading activities that will educate and engender greater awareness about human impact on the environment and ways we can bring forth positive change in personal lifestyle choices, congregational activities and the broader community. In 2009 the congregation adopted a Covenant on the Earth to further our mission of environmental justice. USH was accredited as a Green Sanctuary congregation by the Unitarian Universalists Association (UUA).

As a Green Sanctuary congregation, climate and environmental justice are the focus of USH services for Earth Day as well as connecting to our Seventh UU Principle—Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part. We invite all to join us.

In addition to CT specific action, members of USH Green Sanctuary joined with hundreds of thousands in New York and Washington DC for People’s Climate Marches. Among its accomplishments the Green Sanctuary group counts the disinvestment of fossil fuel stocks from the USH endowment (in 2015) by the Congregation, as well as the establishment of a solar array on its grounds (in 2016) which supplies 100% of the building’s needs.

The Green Sanctuary group of USH is pleased to be working with and supporting the CT Roundtable on Climate and Jobs.

Aisha K. Staggers
Author: Aisha K. Staggers

Provider of "proactive and strategic communications" with a solid background in print and digital journalism. Communications Director of Connecticut Roundtable on Climate and Jobs.