The Connecticut Roundtable Releases Public Community Benefits Agreements Toolkit

The Connecticut Roundtable on Climate and Jobs publishes a free public toolkit on Community Benefits Agreements to empower and inform the public amidst current offshore wind development updates in Connecticut.

What Are CBAs?

Community Benefit Agreements (CBAs) are contractual agreements between developers and local communities that outline the benefits and obligations of a proposed project.

Why do CBAs matter?

When it comes to green energy projects, CBAs are particularly important because they ensure that the surrounding communities benefit from the project, not just the developers. This can include job training and employment opportunities for local residents, financial compensation for impacted communities, and environmental protections. 

CBAs can also help build trust between developers and communities, leading to greater support for the project and ultimately, its success. By prioritizing the needs of local communities, green energy projects can become a win-win for everyone involved.

View and download the Connecticut Roundtable on Climate and Jobs’ free Community Benefits Agreements public toolkit.

Author: sydney