The Connecticut Education Association (CEA)

The Connecticut Education Association (CEA) is the state’s largest teachers’ union, representing active and retired educators across the state, as well as college students entering the teaching profession. Headquartered in Hartford, CEA has been the leading voice for students, teachers, and public education since it was formed in 1848. The Association lobbies for legislation at the state and federal levels, represents the rights of teachers, and works with state policymakers to continue to elevate the teaching profession and promote public education.

CEA is helping to keep students and teachers safe in the classroom:

As school buildings age and school budgets shrink, many districts across the state are facing a new problem—sick buildings. From East Hartford to Stamford, students and teachers are complaining of headaches, respiratory ailments, and rashes. CEA is leading the charge to ensure classrooms are safe from environmental hazards, contacting government agencies to investigate concerns and enforce health and safety standards, providing legal guidance on workers’ compensation, gathering and reporting evidence, and conducting sessions with teachers to inform them of the risks associated with mold and other problems. CEA is developing legislative solutions that would ensure a timely, appropriate response to health and safety issues in schools, including the presence of mold, lead, and extreme temperatures. CEA is also researching school construction policies that could prevent new or renovated schools from becoming unhealthy.

Aisha K. Staggers
Author: Aisha K. Staggers

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