Design Students From Paier College Art School Collaborate With The Connecticut Roundtable On Climate And Jobs To Create A New Logo

Three Students, One Mission

Design students from Paier College Art School in Bridgeport, Connecticut collaborated with the Connecticut Roundtable on Climate and Jobs to create a new logo for the organization. The students, who had not previously worked with non-profit clients in climate change, were asked to develop a logo that reflects the organization’s mission and values while updating the current design to align with modern trends. The project aimed to introduce local students to climate change through graphic design, resulting in a new logo and a transformative experience for all involved.

Student Testimonials:

Leslie says, “While working with CRCJ, I became more informed about climate change, for example how the use of fossil fuels really impacts our community, it impacts people in their homes, children at school, everyone, and everywhere, yet not many are taking action to help. It was a reminder that we’re able to create change even if it’s small and slow. The Roundtable fights for many important issues, from climate change to racial justice and creating jobs, what they’re accomplishing is incredible and it was wonderful working with them. 

Caitlyn says, “While working with CRCJ it was enlightening to learn how pollution plays a huge role in negatively affecting our air and water. It was interesting to understand just how much this can affect the health of the community and in turn the education of the youth. It’s great what CRCJ is doing to get involved environmentally and within the community.” 

Olivia says, “I learned just how much climate change can be helped by taking action. By taking positive steps like recycling and supporting bills, it helps contribute to the greater cause of keeping our planet. We only get one world, and it’s important to understand what’s going on and contribute to sustaining it for us and future generations. Air pollution from the use of fossil fuels not only impacts the youth’s education but also the quality of life of all the citizens who breathe in that air. It’s inspiring what the CRCJ does to help the people, which can help the environment. It was wonderful having the CRCJ as a client because they were incredibly kind, contributed a lot of info, and gave us the experience of designing a logo that would represent their brand and what they do accurately.”

Author: sydney