Concerns Over Carbon Emission in Touring is Something to Consider as Covid-19 Restrictions Lift.

It wasn’t something we thought much about at the start of the pandemic – or prior to – but, it is something we should consider now. As Covid-19 restrictions are being lifted in many parts of the U.S., despite the ongoing pandemic and warnings from federal agencies, music artists have returned to the stage for the first time in more than a year. With these tours comes another concern: carbon emissions output from the live music touring sector.

In a recent story reported by CRACK, musicians Massive Attack expressed why they thought we should be more mindful of the carbon imprint left behind by touring artists. Earlier this week, the band released a report, Roadmap to Super Low Carbon Live Music, showing that there is a way to tour that is green, responsible and safer for the environment without reducing the number of jobs in the field.

Although they are a British band, there is much the United States can learn from this report and from the video that preceded it. Please read, watch and share.

Author: Aziz