The Bridgeport Campaign

The Bridgeport  Carbon Free & Healthy Schools Steering Committee is composed of stakeholders including school facilities staff, teachers’ union, staff union, administrators’ union, local building trades, community religious and nonprofit leaders, the district’s Parent Advocate, and the city sustainability coordinator, and the project has the full support of the Superintendent.

The Bridgeport Carbon Free & Healthy Schools (CFHS) Steering Committee studied the potential for economic and social impacts of Carbon Free & Healthy Schools on the City. The study results were published in a report this week..

It also includes a letter asking city policymakers to maximize investments by including common-sense labor standards on related construction through project labor agreements that include local hire, workforce training, and prevailing wage.

By improving the health and sustainability of school facilities and campuses, the schools themselves become a learning opportunity for STEM education. At the same time, such improvements will benefit public health and the environment while creating local jobs in the rapidly growing green infrastructure sector. Although public schools were not categorically included in Plan Bridgeport, a Carbon-Free and Healthy Schools initiative aligns with Plan Bridgeport goals.