We Won!

Transportation is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Connecticut. That means strategic investments in transportation will be critical for achieving the state’s mandated emissions reduction targets.

In the November 2018 election, Connecticut voters overwhelmingly voted YES on the Transportation Revenue Lockbox Amendment to ensure that Connecticut has the resources it needs to modernize our transportation system. This amendment will protect funding for repairing our state’s roads and bridges while expanding access to public transit. Since 2005, legislators have diverted more than $500 million of transportation funds to balance the state budget. But the transportation lockbox will now prohibit lawmakers from using the Special Transportation Fund (STF) for anything other than transportation purposes.

Now that transportation funding is secured, we can continue the fight to ensure that improved and expanded transit services receive higher priority.

Investing in transportation is investing in Connecticut’s future.

Read more about the importance of the Transportation Lockbox in our op-ed published by the CT Mirror.


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