Climate Protection Jobs Study for CT Lead By Example

The Roundtable (CRCJ) benefits from a close collaboration with Labor Network for Sustainability (LNS), an organization whose work building bridges among labor and environmental groups at the national level has inspired and guided our efforts in CT. In 2015, our collaboration included discussion papers calling for rebooting the state’s climate change action plan (which helped inspire the creation of the Governor’s Council on Climate Change in April 2015) and outlining a climate protection jobs study for CT.

“A climate change action plan needs to combine an overarching vision and plan for transition with concrete programs that start us on the critical path to realize our goals. A plan that meshes our need for climate protection with our need for jobs can win wide public support. Implementing it will require educating the public; mobilizing support for necessary state and municipal policies; and dedicated effort from citizens and from private, municipal, and community enterprises.

… Connecticut’s climate protection strategy should be designed to provide the maximum number of good, secure, permanent jobs with education, training, and advancement that provide maximum possible reduction in our job deficit.”

In October 2015, CRCJ and LNS released the report “Connecticut’s Clean Energy Future,” with analysis provided by Synapse Energy Economics.  The report presented a plan that “realizes Connecticut’s official climate protection goal — reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 80 percent below the 2001 level by 2050 – while adding more than six thousand jobs and saving money on electricity, heating, and transportation costs.”